Top 20 Active wear Manufacturers in Vietnam

Vietnam has witnessed a significant rise in the manufacturing industry, becoming one of the prominent destinations for textile and apparel production. This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of the top 20 active wear manufacturers in Vietnam. These manufacturers possess the requisite expertise and experience, delivering high-quality activewear products that meet international standards.

1. Vinatex:
Vinatex is one of the largest textile and clothing manufacturers in Vietnam. With numerous factories spread throughout the country, they specialize in various product categories, including active wear. They have a strong reputation for delivering quality products and have established long-standing partnerships with both domestic and international clients.

2. Midori:
Midori is known for its sustainable approach to activewear manufacturing. They prioritize environmentally friendly production processes and use high-performance, sustainable materials such as recycled polyester. With a strong focus on innovation, Midori is committed to producing comfortable and high-quality active wear products.

3. TNG Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company:
As a leading integrated textiles and garments manufacturer, TNG produces a range of products, including active wear. They have been serving both local and global markets for over 20 years, consistently delivering on customer expectations. Their state-of-the-art facilities and stringent quality control measures ensure the production of durable and fashionable active wear.

4. T&T Group:
T&T Group boasts a strong presence in the active wear manufacturing sector. Equipped with advanced machinery and a skilled workforce, they offer comprehensive services, including design, production, and even brand development. Their commitment to adopting cutting-edge technology and sustainability practices sets them apart in the industry.

5. Ever-Glory International Group:
With extensive experience in global apparel manufacturing, Ever-Glory is a renowned active wear manufacturer. They have a strong focus on research and development, aiding them in designing and producing high-performance activewear for both international brands and private labels.

6. Saitex International:
Saitex International is a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly active wear products. They are dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint by implementing sustainable manufacturing practices. Their use of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and water-saving processes ensures that their active wear is both ethically produced and durable.

7. East West Industries:
East West Industries specializes in sports and activewear manufacturing. They have a strong track record of producing premium products for well-known global brands and private labels. Their expertise lies in innovative designs, quality fabrics, and flexible production arrangements.

8. Makalot Industrial Co., Ltd:
Makalot is a manufacturer known for its reliable and efficient production capabilities. They cater to a wide range of activewear requirements and are committed to developing long-term partnerships with clients. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and strict quality control protocols ensure high-quality activewear products.

9. Nha Be Garment Corporation (NBC):
NBC is one of the leading garment companies in Vietnam, and active wear is one of their primary product categories. With a focus on using the latest technologies and adhering to international standards, NBC has developed a strong reputation for producing trendy and high-performance activewear.

10. Tae Kwang Vina Industrial JSC:
Tae Kwang Vina specializes in manufacturing sportswear and activewear for leading brands worldwide. They prioritize customer satisfaction by maintaining a customer-centric approach throughout the production process. Their commitment to quality and timely delivery has helped them garner trust and credibility from their clients.

11. Viet Thuong Group:
Viet Thuong Group focuses on manufacturing a wide range of high-quality garments, including activewear. Their dynamic and skilled team ensures that they stay updated with the latest trends and technologies, providing customers with innovative and fashionable active wear options.

12. Pacific Garment Co., Ltd:
Pacific Garment is recognized as a reliable active wear manufacturer in Vietnam. They have a strong infrastructure, equipped with modern machinery and technology, enabling them to produce high-quality products at competitive prices. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and adherence to ethical manufacturing practices has contributed to their success.

13. Soffix Vietnam Co., Ltd:
Soffix Vietnam specializes in manufacturing sportswear, including active wear. They have a strong emphasis on design and innovation and are well-equipped with advanced production facilities. Soffix Vietnam offers a wide range of activewear styles, catering to various customer preferences.

14. Vissport (Vietnam) Garment Manufacturing Company:
Vissport Garment Manufacturing Company is a prominent active wear supplier in Vietnam. They have an extensive product portfolio that includes a range of activewear for men, women, and children. Their attention to detail in terms of design, fabric quality, and customization options has positioned them as a notable player in the market.

15. Thuhuong Garment Joint Stock Company:
Thuhuong Garment is a well-established name in the active wear manufacturing sector. They offer end-to-end services, including design consulting, product development, and production. Their commitment to using premium materials and delivering exceptional finishes has earned them recognition and trust from international clients.

16. Varro International:
Varro International specializes in manufacturing high-end active wear for renowned international brands. They are known for their attention to detail and commitment to precision in every step of the production process. Varro International’s emphasis on quality control and producing fashionable and functional activewear sets them apart.

17. Y&Y Garments Co., Ltd:
Y&Y Garments is equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities to produce a wide range of activewear. Their products cater to different sports and provide optimal performance features. They focus on quality, consistency, and timely delivery, making them a trusted choice for both local and international clients.

18. Texhong Vietnam Ltd:
Texhong Vietnam is a well-known manufacturer specializing in a variety of fabrics, including those for activewear. They have a strong commitment to research and development, aiming to provide high-performance fabrics that meet the specific requirements of the active wear market.

19. Nicotex:
Nicotex is a leading manufacturer of activewear that emphasizes sustainable production practices. They use organic and recycled materials to create functional and eco-friendly active wear products. Nicotex’s dedication to environmental responsibility and quality manufacturing makes them a preferred choice for eco-conscious brands.

20. Dony Garment:
Dony Garment is a reputable activewear manufacturer with a wide range of products for fitness and sports enthusiasts. They are committed to sustainability and produce eco-friendly and comfortable active wear. Dony Garment’s product customization capabilities and adherence to ethical manufacturing practices make them a trusted partner for clients worldwide.

Vietnam has transformed into a prominent hub for active wear manufacturing, attracting top brands and private labels globally. The top 20 active wear manufacturers mentioned in this article specialize in high-quality production, innovative designs, and sustainable practices. With their expertise, advanced facilities, and commitment to customer satisfaction, these manufacturers contribute significantly to the growing activewear market in Vietnam.