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Discover product opportunities, enter the exciting realm of product sourcing in Vietnam, an energetic and dynamic market overflowing with countless opportunities for businesses in search of cost-effective and top-notch products.

OEM suppliers

Consulting prototype for OEM outsourcing advice and guidance to find the suitable factory to make your products in Vietnam.

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Wholesale sourcing

Consulting investigation for high-quality stock advice and guidance to companies on how to find product suppliers in Vietnam.

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Logistics shipment

Consulting logistics shipment for competitive price and guidance on how to ship poducts to your destination.

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Who We Are

Top sourcing company in vietnam with combination of creative thinking and expertise

Vietnam Sourcing Agent was established in April 2022 as a part of Vietnam Exports Limitd.

Our goal at Vietnam Sourcing Agent is to assist buyers in sourcing products from Vietnam to save time save cost and reduce risks.

Get Upto 20% discounts on sourcing products from Vietnam.

Join over 100+ companies using our unique manufacturers in Vietnam approach to a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Services

How to source suppliers in vietnam

We have been trusted sourcing companies in vietnam since 2021, and we continue to cooperate with the successful vietnam manufacturers

Industrial Products Outsourcing

We support the following small categories:
Metal frame/metal fabrication
Box stampling, mechanical stamping parts
Lazer cutting/punching parts
Rack, Cage, Grate product
Spring parts
Plastic injection molding
Fastener (Bolt & Nut, Washer, Rivets…)
Turning, CNC machining parts
Iron, Stainless steel casting
Die casting parts
Rubber compression/extrusion/injection parts
PU/TPU injection/casting parts
Foam cutting/casting and fabrication products
Composite material products

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Electronic and Electrical Product Sourcing

Cables (Electric cables, Wire hardness cables, Power cord, USB cables…)
Electric Moto
Electronic Consumer (Household electronic, Vacuum cleaner, Scoreboard, Speaker…)
Electronics Accessories (Chargers,…) Automation System and Equipment
Electronic – Components and Accessories
Resistors, Heater Resistors, Thermistors
Printed Circuit Boards (PCB Boards)
Washing Machines, Dryers and Ironers
Industrial Refrigerators
Household Electronics
Industrial Scales (Bench Scale, Platform Scale, Crane Scale)
Electronic Lock

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Handicraft and Furniture Sourcing

We support the following small categories:
Handicraft products (tableware, rugs, storage organization, and lighting, planter, basket…)
handicraft bamboo products and made from natural bamboo poles materials)
Rattan proofing basket, Cutting board
Stone, Mirrors
Steel furniture
Decorative Furniture
Indoor, Outdoor furniture
Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Office furniture
Vanity, Cabinet, Marbles + steel
Ceramic (specialties include unique outdoor glazed and unglazed pots, planters, jars, vases, urns and water fountains)
Sofa, Lighting, Hardware

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Garment and Textiles Sourcing

We support the following small categories:
Boy‘s and girl’s clothing
Baby product, baby carrier, children dress
Nonwoven fabric
Backpacks, Bags, luggage, Textile storages and organizers
Tent, Hammock
Pet product and Dog mat rugs
Geotextiles, Tarpaulin
Men’s and Women’s clothing
Cushion, Blanket, Pillow
Hat, Cap
Shower Curtains
Sport categories

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Agricultural product sourcing

We support the following small categories:

Coffee Tea –
Rice (White Rice, Jasmine, Japonica, etc)
Fresh Vegetables (Cabbage, Chilli Pepper, Sweet Potato, etc) –
Oilseeds (Soybean, Sesame, Linseed,.)
Fish Meal
Pig Feed, Pig Food
Poultry Feed (Chicken, Duck, Goose)
Rice Bran, Corn Bran, Wheat Bran, Copra Meal,

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Other products sourcing

We support the following small categories:

Laptop Backpack
Student Backpacks, Student Bags
Travel Bag
Suitcase, Luggage
Leather Bags (Handbags, Purses, Backpacks, etc)
Leather – Crust Leather (Sheep, Buffalo, Cow,.)
Women Shoes And Footwear
Shoes, Footwear – Manufacturing Service (OEM, ODM, OBM Service)

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Awesome Vietnam Sourcing Team

Facilitating effective communication and collaboration within the Vietnam sourcing team can enable the team to tap into these qualities and propel them towards their goals. Email: [email protected]

Mike Chen

Sales Manager

Kierra Philips

Sourcing Manager

Ahmad Levin

Technology Manager

Makenna Geidt

Sourcing Manager

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