Prototype Sampling

Once buyers have decided on where to source their products import from Vietam, they would then get samples of the products for your marketplace. If going through online sources, this means ordering the items from each possible source individually, with individual costs, shipping fees, and delivery times. There is also no guarantee on the quality of the products the sellers get, or if they will get anything at all. Individual product sampling can become a grueling trial and error process that costs more time, money and effort than it should.

Partnering with Vietnam Sourcing Agent eliminates the unwanted trial and error process and replaced with a smooth, fast, and simple product sampling.

After agreeing on a quote with our sourcing specialist, a sample package is arranged for delivery to your address based on your specified needs. The package will include product samples from the chosen manufacturer, so you would know exactly what your customers will be getting.

Your sourcing specialist in Vietnam will also go through the samples while assembling the package, making sure you only get the best products. You will be notified of unwanted or rejected items that are taken out, giving you a clearer picture of the entire process.

Shipping the samples to you is also streamlined for a more convenient experience. Different samples from different manufacturers are sent for a one-time fee starting at $XX along with the shipping fee. Not only does it make the process simpler, it also makes sure you get everything at the same time.