About Us

Vietnam Sourcing Agent was established in April 2022 as a part of Vietnam Exports Limited. Currently, our sourcing department has a team of 9 dedicated staff members.

Our goal at Vietnam Sourcing Agent is to assist buyers in sourcing products from Vietnam. Located in Hanoi, Vietnam, we offer cost-effective product sourcing and quality inspection services.

When it comes to importing from Vietnam, one of the biggest challenges for importers is finding a reliable supplier. This is where we come in to help:

– We only work with qualified suppliers.
– We guarantee product quality.
– We provide priority service.
– We ensure competitive prices.
– We offer a comprehensive range of resources to meet your needs.

Effective communication is crucial, and we strive to work closely with you to achieve your goals without straining your budget. We make sure that the products you order are manufactured and delivered on time and meet your expectations. One of the main issues in Vietnam’s manufacturing industry is a lack of quality control, but Maple Sourcing is different. We have quality control experts who take all necessary steps to ensure that your orders are produced to the desired standards.

While there are many Vietnam sourcing companies available, what sets us apart is our outstanding sourcing service. Rather than expecting your company to adjust to the demands of a buying agent, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. We take care of everything, including product sourcing, order processing, quality control, logistics, and FBA services.

As a reliable sourcing agent, we do not charge any supplier fees, and there are no hidden costs. Transparency is our priority, ensuring that you receive the best service at the lowest possible price. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Vietnam Sourcing Agent is staffed with procurement specialists who have a deep understanding of your needs and objectives. We serve as a one-stop portal for companies seeking to make their production and sourcing more cost-effective and efficient when buying products made in Vietnam. From designing and developing OEM items to quality control and door-to-door delivery, we offer comprehensive procurement services.

We believe in full transparency and disclosure. Our merchandising team has extensive experience in vendor identification and price negotiation. We employ industry-leading practices to ensure that vendors are pre-qualified for quality and reliability.

Our experienced Vietnam Quality Control (QC) team is well-versed in every aspect of the QC process, from sample development to production control and final inspections. They receive extensive training and can implement QC processes or work with clients to develop a custom process as needed.

Our logistics team has years of experience and is capable of delivering significant cost savings on shipments, often up to 80%. This is achieved through efficient delivery control and strong relationships with customs in all ports in Vietnam.

Vietnam Sourcing Agent is here to make your procurement story a success. For more information about our procurement services for Vietnam sourcing, please refer to the following list:

– Quoting and Vendor Selection
– Factory Audit
– New Sample and Prototype Development
– Sample Handling, Order Placing, and Production Control
– Production Control, Pre-loading Checking, and Loading Supervision
– Payment Process and Control
– Shipping and Logistics Management: In Vietnam Delivery, Vietnam Warehousing, Vietnam Customs, and Vietnam Shipping

We are committed to providing exceptional services throughout the entire procurement process.