Top 20 Vietnam Flooring Manufacturers

Vietnam has emerged as a significant player in the global flooring industry, offering a wide range of innovative and high-quality products. From classic hardwood flooring to modern vinyl options, Vietnam’s flooring manufacturers have gained prominence worldwide for their craftsmanship, affordability, and commitment to sustainable practices. This article aims to provide an in-depth exploration of the top 20 flooring manufacturers in Vietnam, highlighting their specialties, production capabilities, and market presence.

1. Hoa Binh Wood Joint Stock Company:
Hoa Binh Wood Joint Stock Company is known for its expertise in manufacturing hardwood flooring. With a focus on sustainability, the company utilizes advanced technology to ensure the production of durable and eco-friendly flooring solutions while adhering to international quality standards.

2. TST Flooring:
TST Flooring is a renowned manufacturer that specializes in luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and affordable laminate flooring. The company prides itself on producing cutting-edge designs, highly resistant products, and hassle-free installation systems, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects.

3. Thanh An Wood Processing Joint Stock Company:
With over 30 years of experience, Thanh An Wood Processing Joint Stock Company is a leading provider of bamboo flooring. Known for its strength, durability, and natural beauty, bamboo flooring has gained popularity due to its sustainable characteristics. Thanh An Wood Processing excels in producing bamboo flooring in various colors and finishes.

4. Kinh Bac Wood Joint Stock Company (KBC):
KBC is one of the largest flooring manufacturers in Vietnam, offering a diverse range of flooring solutions including solid wood, engineered wood, and outdoor decking. With state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on quality control, KBC ensures that their products meet international standards and customer expectations.

5. An Cuong Wood Working Joint Stock Company:
An Cuong Wood Working Joint Stock Company specializes in manufacturing high-quality engineered wood flooring. Their products combine the natural beauty of wood with enhanced stability and durability, making them an excellent choice for both residential and commercial projects.

6. Minh Duong Furniture Corporation:
Minh Duong Furniture Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-end, luxury wooden flooring. Their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail have earned them a reputation for producing flooring products that epitomize elegance and sophistication.

7. Novaland Group:
Novaland Group is a prominent real estate and construction conglomerate that also operates their own flooring manufacturing facilities. They offer a diverse range of flooring options, including engineered wood, vinyl, and ceramic tiles, catering to various market segments and preferences.

8. VietCeramics:
VietCeramics is recognized for its extensive collection of premium quality ceramic and porcelain tiles. With a commitment to innovation and design, VietCeramics brings a wide array of versatile and visually appealing tiling options for both residential and commercial applications.

9. Thanh Cong Wood Company Limited:
Specializing in engineered wood flooring, Thanh Cong Wood Company Limited ensures high-quality production by utilizing advanced German technology. Their range of engineered wood flooring offers remarkable stability, easy maintenance, and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

10. Vinafloor:
Vinafloor is a reputable flooring manufacturer specializing in vinyl flooring. As an eco-conscious company, Vinafloor prioritizes sustainable practices and produces floorings that are recyclable, waterproof, and resistant to scratches or stains.

11. Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation:
Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation has an extensive lineup of flooring solutions ranging from solid wood, bamboo, laminate, to vinyl flooring. Their products are known for their durability and affordability, making them a popular choice amongst homeowners and commercial developers.

12. Tam Nong Wood Processing Co., Ltd:
Tam Nong Wood Processing Co., Ltd focuses on manufacturing high-quality hardwood flooring products. Their flooring collections showcase a blend of traditional and contemporary designs, catering to a wide spectrum of interior styles.

13. TeraWood:
TeraWood is well-regarded for its production of outdoor decking solutions, particularly composite wood decking. Combining recycled wood and plastic materials, their products offer durability, resistance to external elements, and environmentally friendly attributes.

14. Pinus Green Furniture Joint Stock Company:
Pinus Green Furniture Joint Stock Company stands out for its commitment to sustainable furniture production, including flooring products. They specialize in eco-friendly materials such as 100% FSC-certified pine wood flooring, ensuring social and environmental responsibility throughout the manufacturing process.

15. Dong Anh Wooden Joint Stock Company:
Dong Anh Wooden Joint Stock Company is a leading flooring manufacturer in Vietnam, with a specialization in engineered wood flooring. Their products are known for their strength, stability, and a wide selection of finishes, making them a preferred choice for both domestic and international markets.

16. Long Hau Corporation:
Long Hau Corporation is a versatile manufacturer, offering a comprehensive range of flooring products including laminates, vinyl, engineered wood, and specialized flooring for industrial applications. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they strive to meet diverse requirements while maintaining high-quality standards.

17. Vinafloor JSC:
Vinafloor JSC is recognized for its diverse range of vinyl flooring options, catering to different preferences and budgets. From luxury vinyl planks to homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl tiles, Vinafloor offers a vast selection of aesthetically pleasing and durable flooring solutions.

18. Famimex:
As a leading wood processing company, Famimex specializes in providing hardwood flooring products made from various species of Vietnamese wood. With a commitment to sustainable forest management, they offer responsibly sourced wood flooring options without compromising on quality.

19. An Cuong Wood Working Joint Stock Company:
An Cuong Wood Working Joint Stock Company is among the top flooring manufacturers in Vietnam, specializing in laminate flooring. Their extensive range includes diverse styles, textures, and finishes, providing customers with versatility and affordable options for their flooring needs.

20. Dai Thanh Wood:
Dai Thanh Wood is renowned for its solid hardwood flooring product line. Their manufacturing process combines traditional techniques with modern machinery, resulting in exquisite and long-lasting flooring solutions.

Vietnam has positioned itself as a prominent player in the global flooring industry through the expertise, diversity, and commitment demonstrated by its top 20 flooring manufacturers. From sustainable materials to cutting-edge technology, these companies have propelled Vietnam towards the forefront of the flooring market. As consumer demand continues to grow, these manufacturers are set to play an essential role in shaping the future of the flooring industry in Vietnam and beyond.