Top 20 Handbag Manufacturers in Vietnam

Vietnam has been gaining recognition as one of the world’s leading destinations for handbag manufacturing. With its well-established infrastructure, skilled labor force, and competitive pricing, the country has attracted renowned international brands looking to outsource their production. In this article, we will explore the top 20 handbag manufacturers in Vietnam, highlighting their capabilities, product range, and commitments to quality.

1. Mekong Creations:

Mekong Creations has made a name for itself in producing eco-friendly handbags made from recycled materials. With a focus on sustainable manufacturing processes, Mekong Creations offers a range of stylish and unique bags that appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

2. Heluna:

Heluna specializes in high-quality leather handbags, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern designs. Their attention to detail and commitment to using premium materials has made them a favored choice among luxury handbag brands.

3. Phu Khanh Handicrafts:

Phu Khanh Handicrafts has been manufacturing exquisite handwoven bags for over a decade. Their products showcase traditional Vietnamese weaving techniques, creating beautiful and durable pieces that stand out in the market.

4. Nha Mua:

Nha Mua is known for its contemporary and minimalist designs. Their handbags are made from high-quality fabrics, featuring clean lines and functionality. Nha Mua prioritizes creating timeless pieces that can be enjoyed for years to come.

5. Vina Hamilton:

Vina Hamilton has a wide range of handbags, from casual to elegant options, made with various materials. Their versatility and attention to detail have made them a preferred choice for international brands seeking customized products.

6. Vidamore:

Vidamore specializes in handcrafted leather bags. With a focus on Italian-style craftsmanship, they produce timeless classics and trendy designs. Vidamore stands out for its commitment to exceptional quality and attention to every small detail.

7. Hai Dang Leather Goods:

Hai Dang Leather Goods is a leading manufacturer of leather handbags and accessories. They offer a wide range of designs, from minimalist to statement pieces, all produced using high-quality leather and superior craftsmanship.

8. Pashami:

Pashami is known for its exquisite and unique designs, mixing traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship with contemporary styles. Their handbags feature intricate embroidery and hand-painted details, creating one-of-a-kind pieces.

9. Thuan Phat Bags:

Thuan Phat Bags specializes in producing promotional and custom-made bags. With a dedicated team and modern facilities, they provide a wide range of options for customization, catering to the specific needs of their clients.

10. Anh Tuyet Co., Ltd:

Anh Tuyet Co., Ltd focuses on manufacturing high-quality canvas handbags. Their products, made with durable materials and excellent workmanship, are popular among outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking functional and stylish bags.

11. KP Leather:

KP Leather is a well-known manufacturer of luxury leather handbags, backpacks, and wallets. With their attention to detail and use of top-grain leather, they pride themselves on creating products that exude quality and sophistication.

12. Hanoi Leather Company:

Hanoi Leather Company is a well-established manufacturer specializing in leather bags, briefcases, and wallets. Their skilled craftsmen and top-notch materials ensure that their products stand out in terms of durability and elegance.

13. Saigon Handbag:

Saigon Handbag is a leading manufacturer of vegan leather handbags. Their commitment to cruelty-free production has attracted many conscious consumers. Their bags are designed to be high-quality and sustainable alternatives to traditional leather products.

14. Dong Gia Leather:

Dong Gia Leather is a reputable manufacturer focusing on high-end leather handbags. With a commitment to using only the finest materials, they produce timeless and elegant bags that appeal to luxury brands worldwide.

15. Tanmy Design:

Tanmy Design is known for its unique and artistic handbags that incorporate traditional Vietnamese motifs. Their products showcase exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, making them popular among fashion-forward individuals.

16. Giang Nguyen Handbag:

Giang Nguyen Handbag is dedicated to producing handcrafted bags made from Vietnamese ethnic textiles. Their bags showcase vibrant colors and intricate patterns, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam.

17. G.Holdings Vietnam:

G.Holdings Vietnam offers a wide range of handbag designs, from casual to formal options. Their products are manufactured using high-quality materials, with a focus on meeting international standards.

18. Le’s Bag:

Le’s Bag specializes in producing high-quality leather handbags that emphasize both style and functionality. Their products combine contemporary designs with durable construction, making them a sought-after choice for various brands.

19. Thu Thuy:

Thu Thuy stands out for its hand-painted bags, where each piece is treated as a canvas for artistic expression. They offer an extensive range of designs, showcasing the talent and creativity of Vietnamese artisans.

20. Hanoi Handicraft:

Hanoi Handicraft is committed to promoting the cultural heritage of Vietnam through its handbag collection. With a wide range of styles, their products incorporate traditional Vietnamese textile patterns, appealing to those seeking handbags with a unique cultural touch.


Vietnam has emerged as a thriving hub for handbag manufacturing, offering a diverse range of designs, materials, and customization options. The top 20 handbag manufacturers in Vietnam exemplify the country’s commitment to quality craftsmanship, sustainable production practices, and the preservation of local traditions. From eco-friendly brands to luxury leather manufacturers, the handbag industry in Vietnam continues to inspire and evolve, attracting international brands seeking high-quality production at competitive prices.