Top 20 Quartz Manufacturers in Vietnam

Vietnam has emerged as a prominent hub for quartz manufacturing, attracting both domestic and international customers. With its rich reserves of high-quality quartz, cost-effective production processes, and skilled labor force, Vietnam has become a major player in the global quartz market. In this article, we will focus on the top 20 quartz manufacturers in Vietnam, exploring their offerings, production capacities, and market standing.

1. Cong Son Quartz:
Cong Son Quartz is one of the leading manufacturers in Vietnam, specializing in quartz slabs and engineered stone. With advanced machinery and a professional team, they deliver high-quality products, catering to the residential and commercial sectors.

2. Kim Minh Quartz:
Kim Minh Quartz is a reputable manufacturer known for its premium quartz surfaces. They offer a wide range of designs and finishes, ensuring customer satisfaction. Their commitment to innovation and quality has established them as a trusted brand.

3. Vinabing:
Vinabing is renowned for its quartz slabs and countertops with superior durability and elegant designs. They emphasize sustainable production practices and follow strict quality control measures to meet international standards.

4. Vicostone:
Vicostone is a leading name in the quartz industry, recognized globally for its outstanding products. They offer a wide range of colors and patterns in quartz, providing customers with versatile options for their design projects.

5. Thach Ban Quartz:
Specializing in quartz surfaces for residential and commercial applications, Thach Ban Quartz has gained a strong presence in the market. Their products are known for their attractive designs, exceptional performance, and affordability.

6. Bien Hoa Quartz:
Bien Hoa Quartz is a renowned manufacturer of quartz slabs and countertops, catering to both national and international markets. They invest in state-of-the-art equipment and follow rigorous quality control processes to ensure customer satisfaction.

7. Ultimate Quartz Stone:
Ultimate Quartz Stone is known for its premium quartz products that exhibit durability, elegance, and versatility. Their commitment to fostering sustainable manufacturing practices sets them apart in the market.

8. An Thinh Quartz:
An Thinh Quartz offers a wide range of quartz surfaces, including slabs, tiles, and countertops. Their focus on customer satisfaction, aesthetic appeal, and product quality has earned them a loyal customer base.

9. Dong Nai Quartz:
Dong Nai Quartz is recognized for its high-quality quartz surfaces, renowned for their strength, durability, and heat resistance. They prioritize customer specifications and provide customized solutions for various applications.

10. Hoa Phan Quartz:
Hoa Phan Quartz is a prominent player in the quartz industry, providing a broad range of quartz products to both national and international markets. Their commitment to delivering value, quality, and customer service has contributed to their success.

11. Tan Ky Mineral Processing Company:
Tan Ky Mineral Processing Company has carved a niche for itself in the quartz industry through its dedication to excellence. With a focus on product innovation and customization, they cater to diverse customer requirements.

12. Koon Viet Nam Mestones:
Koon Viet Nam Mestones offers a comprehensive range of quartz stones, known for their exceptional aesthetics and robustness. Their ability to deliver large-scale projects within tight deadlines has made them a preferred choice.

13. T&C Stone Co., Ltd:
T&C Stone Co., Ltd excels in manufacturing high-quality quartz surfaces, providing an array of design options for customers. Their commitment to sustainable practices and product quality has positioned them as a trusted brand.

14. Thai Nguyen Quartz Stone:
Thai Nguyen Quartz Stone is dedicated to producing superior quality quartz products for both domestic and international markets. Their skilled workforce and advanced machinery enable them to meet customized specifications with precision.

15. Xuan Truong Quartz Stone:
Xuan Truong Quartz Stone specializes in producing quartz surfaces with an emphasis on aesthetics, durability, and functionality. They invest in advanced technology to meet the evolving demands of their customers.

16. Viet Stone Industry Co., Ltd:
Viet Stone Industry Co. Ltd is recognized for its premium quartz surfaces tailored to meet the needs of various applications. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, they have earned a solid reputation in the industry.

17. Nam Thang Stone Company:
Nam Thang Stone Company prides itself on its comprehensive range of quartz surfaces, offering unique designs and finishes. Their dedication to modern manufacturing techniques and quality control ensures customer satisfaction.

18. Alphas Quartz Stone Vietnam Co., Ltd:
Alphas Quartz Stone Vietnam Co., Ltd is a prominent player in the quartz manufacturing industry, known for delivering top-quality quartz surfaces. With a focus on R&D and advanced production techniques, they strive to exceed customer expectations.

19. Khanh An Quartz:
Khanh An Quartz produces a diverse range of quartz surfaces that are known for their strength, heat resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has garnered them a loyal customer base.

20. Minh Thang Quartz:
Minh Thang Quartz offers a wide variety of quartz products, including slabs, tiles, and countertops that are renowned for their durability and intricate designs. Their ability to meet large-scale projects in a timely manner has contributed to their success.


Vietnamese quartz manufacturers have made significant strides in the global quartz market, offering a wide range of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and durable quartz surfaces. The top 20 quartz manufacturers in Vietnam mentioned in this article exhibit strong capabilities in terms of production capacity, product quality, customization options, and customer satisfaction. As Vietnam continues to invest in the quartz industry, these manufacturers are expected to play a vital role, contributing to the country’s economic growth and reinforcing Vietnam’s position as a prominent player in the international quartz market.