Warehouse and Shipping

A commonly-overlooked part of product sourcing, getting items overseas without a proper warehouse to store them on makes product sourcing more difficult than what is intended to be. Excessive shipping costs, more time needed to procure products, and monitored purchases are only some of the risks sellers run into for neglecting to secure storage space.

Working with vietnam Sourcing Agent gives your products access to our on-site warehouses in Vietnam for a 30-day duration. Free of charge, the warehouse provides you the freedom to manage and control the inventory you bid through our warehouse management system.

Our management system monitors all stocks, providing alerts when numbers are low and needs restocking. This helps you to avoid having unnecessary and costly orders when items are not available, as well as too much surplus of some items. Access to a warehouse also allows for cost-effective shipping, as multiple products can be shipped from the same location at the same time.

Additionally, warehouses are an integral part in establishing an optimized and effective supply chain, as it ensures products are available when needed. An established supply chain gets products to your customers on time, all the time, leading to trust in your brand, a boost in customer confidence, and better reviews.