How to find Wholesale Vietnam Shoes Manufacturers with Sourcing Agent

How to Find Wholesale Vietnam Shoes Manufacturers with Sourcing Agent


Vietnam has emerged as one of the leading destinations for wholesale shoe manufacturing. With its highly skilled workforce, cost-effective production processes, and adherence to international quality standards, Vietnam offers great opportunities for businesses looking to source shoes at wholesale prices. However, finding the right manufacturers and navigating the intricate logistics involved can be daunting. This is where a sourcing agent can be invaluable. In this article, we will guide you through the process of finding wholesale Vietnam shoe manufacturers with the help of a sourcing agent.

1. Understanding the Role of a Sourcing Agent:

A sourcing agent acts as an intermediary between buyers and manufacturers. Their primary role is to identify reliable and reputable manufacturers, negotiate prices, coordinate production, handle quality control, and manage logistical issues such as shipping and customs clearance. For businesses interested in sourcing shoes from Vietnam, partnering with a sourcing agent can save time, minimize risks, and ensure a smooth procurement process.

2. Research and Selecting a Sourcing Agent:

Finding a reliable sourcing agent should be your first step. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when selecting a sourcing agent:

a. Expertise and Experience: Look for agents with extensive knowledge and experience in the shoe industry within Vietnam. They should have a thorough understanding of the local market, manufacturing processes, and quality requirements.

b. Supplier Network: Consider agents who have a well-established network of reliable shoe manufacturers. This ensures access to a wide range of product options and greater flexibility in meeting your specific requirements.

c. Transparent Pricing: Discuss the fee structure with potential sourcing agents upfront. Some agents charge a percentage of the total order value, while others charge a fixed fee. Make sure you understand the costs involved to avoid any surprises later.

d. Communication Skills: Effective communication is vital in the sourcing process. Ensure that the sourcing agent has excellent language skills, including proficiency in English, to facilitate clear and efficient communication between you and the manufacturers.

3. Defining Your Requirements:

Before reaching out to a sourcing agent, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your product requirements. This includes specifications for material, design, quality standards, target price range, and order quantity. The more detailed and precise your requirements, the easier it will be for the agent to find the right manufacturers who can meet your expectations.

4. Searching for Wholesale Vietnam Shoe Manufacturers:

Once you have selected a sourcing agent and defined your requirements, the agent will start searching for potential manufacturers. Here are some effective methods they may employ:

a. Local Trade Shows: Vietnam hosts several shoe trade shows where manufacturers showcase their products. A sourcing agent familiar with these events can attend on your behalf, explore the options, and make connections with potential manufacturers.

b. Online Directories: Many sourcing agents have access to comprehensive online directories that list Vietnamese shoe manufacturers. These directories provide detailed information about the manufacturers’ capabilities, certifications, and product portfolios, making it easier to shortlist suitable candidates.

c. Factory Visits: In some cases, the sourcing agent may physically visit factories to evaluate their production facilities, quality control processes, and workforce conditions. This ensures that the chosen manufacturer aligns with your expectations in terms of ethical practices and production capacity.

5. Verification and Due Diligence:

Once potential manufacturers have been identified, the sourcing agent will initiate a verification and due diligence process. This includes checking the manufacturer’s business licenses, certifications, quality control compliance, and past performance. The agent may also obtain samples and conduct inspections to ensure that the products meet your quality standards.

6. Negotiating Prices and Terms:

With a shortlist of potential manufacturers, the sourcing agent will negotiate prices and terms on your behalf. They will leverage their experience and knowledge of the local market to secure the best possible prices while maintaining the desired quality standards. The agent will also take into account lead times, payment terms, and any specific agreements required to ensure a smooth production and delivery process.

7. Quality Control and Production Monitoring:

Throughout the production process, the sourcing agent plays a crucial role in ensuring quality control. They carry out regular inspections, monitor production timelines, and address any issues that may arise. The agent will keep you informed about the progress, providing updates and resolving any challenges promptly.

8. Logistics and Shipping:

Once production is complete, the sourcing agent will handle the logistics and shipping process. They will coordinate with freight forwarders, arrange for packaging, labeling, and documentation, and ensure that the shipment adheres to all legal requirements and customs regulations. This alleviates potential headaches and ensures a hassle-free importation process.


Finding wholesale Vietnam shoe manufacturers can be a complex task, particularly for businesses new to the market. Partnering with a sourcing agent offers numerous benefits, including access to a vast network of reliable manufacturers, mitigating risks, and streamlining the entire sourcing process. By utilizing the steps outlined in this article, you can confidently navigate the Vietnamese shoe market and establish a successful partnership with a reputable manufacturer.

List of top 10 shoes manufacturers in Vietnam

1. Pou Chen Vietnam
2. TBS Group
3. Stella Footwear Vietnam Co. Ltd.
4. Samho Vietnam Co., Ltd.
5. Tong Hong Vietnam Co., Ltd.
6. Sun Fly Co., Ltd.
7. Shyang Yih Vietnam Co., Ltd.
8. Dat Viet Vina Co., Ltd.
9. Reebo Machinery and Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd.
10. Tam Leung Industrial Zone Co., Ltd.

here’s an introduction of the mentioned companies:

1. Pou Chen Vietnam – It is a subsidiary of Pou Chen Group and is one of the largest manufacturers of athletic and casual footwear in Vietnam.

2. TBS Group – It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality leather goods, including shoes, bags, and accessories, with more than 50 years of experience in the industry.

3. Stella Footwear Vietnam Co. Ltd. – It is a joint venture between Stella International Holdings Ltd. and Vietnam Trading Investment and Development Company (VTID), specializing in the production and export of leather shoes.

4. Samho Vietnam Co., Ltd. – It is a Korean-owned manufacturer of leather shoes, specializing in casual and dress shoes for men and women.

5. Tong Hong Vietnam Co., Ltd. – It is a Taiwanese-owned manufacturer of leather shoes with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

6. Sun Fly Co., Ltd. – It is a Taiwanese-owned manufacturer of shoes, specializing in athletic and fashion footwear.

7. Shyang Yih Vietnam Co., Ltd. – It is a Taiwanese-owned manufacturer of leather shoes, with a focus on safety shoes and work boots.

8. Dat Viet Vina Co., Ltd. – It is a Vietnamese-owned manufacturer of footwear and accessories, with a commitment to using sustainable materials in their production process.

9. Reebo Machinery and Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd. – It is a Chinese-owned company that specializes in the manufacturing of shoe-making machinery and technology.

10. Tam Leung Industrial Zone Co., Ltd. – It is a Vietnamese-owned industrial park with a range of manufacturers, including those in the footwear and apparel industries.