How to find Vietnam Wholesale Clothing Suppliers with Sourcing Agent


How to find Vietnam Wholesale Clothing Suppliers with Sourcing Agent

Many new start-ups will ask me for a listing of Vietnam apparel producers or let me suggest the first-rate Vietnam apparel factories. In fact, I can’t supply such a listing for you. Even if you do get so-called listing on Google, regardless of its information credibility, it is no longer beneficial for you in essence.

If you prefer to locate a precise Vietnam garments producer to cooperate with, you need to comprehend the real scenario of the factory. For example, you need to comprehend the place they are located, the place to discover them, how to perceive whether or not they are good, etc. That is to say, the most essential issue for you is to analyze how to address the above troubles alternatively than simply center of attention on looking for a manufacturing facility list. Essentially speaking, no one can furnish you a precious list.

So in my today’s post, I will inform you all matters about Vietnam garb manufacturers. I wager you will advantage a lot.

Without in addition ado, let’s start to study the post.

Why work with Vietnamese garb manufacturers?
Where to locate Vietnam apparel manufacturers?
The evaluation about the garments industrial cluster in Vietnam
Five FAQs about garments producers in Vietnam
1. Why work with Vietnamese garb manufacturers?
Lower buying cost
Vietnam has plentiful and low priced labor, so even if you including the different price producing in the complete importing technique like freight and customs tax, the complete value will be less expensive to cooperate with Vietnamese garments factories than other nations in the world.

More environment friendly than garb merchants for customization
Manufacturers will normally have a expert lookup and improvement team. So you can simply inform your product thinking to them directly, and then they can assist you graph and produce them.

However, if you work with different sorts of suppliers like buying and selling companies, you want to inform your thought to them, and then buying and selling corporations contact factories. By doing so, it will take extra time to attain the settlement for the product detail. In addition, it may also motive some misunderstanding about the product design.

2. Where to locate Vietnam garb manufacturers?
Online channels:
If you are an e-commerce businessman or you simply have a confined budget, the high-quality way for you to discover Vietnam apparel producers is to search on Vietnamese wholesale websites. These web sites are very comparable in essence, I will listing two of them, Vietnamexports, Vietnam sourcing agent.


Vietnamexports is one of the biggest B2B e-commerce platform in Vietnam. You can purchase a number garments on the platform at a very aggressive price. If you choose to discover Vietnam customized apparel manufacturers, Vietnamexports is additionally a exact platform to use. There are many apparel producers on the platform.

Here is a tip for you to pick out whether or not the provider is a manufacturing facility or a trader. When you browse the supplier’s website, if you note that the provider simply focuses on a sure variety of garments category, then the provider is a garments producer in essence.

But as the beneath image shows, you can observe that the merchandise on the internet site encompass wedding ceremony garments and splendor products, so the dealer is greater like a dealer than a factory.

Clothing merchants on Vietnamexports

Most garments producers on Vietnamexports normally will set a excessive MOQ to make sure their profit. But merchants may additionally set a low MOQ even simply dozens for these merchandise in stock.

Vietnam sourcing agent

If you simply prefer to discover Vietnam apparel producers for small quantities, Vietnam sourcing agent is a appropriate internet site you can choose. You can additionally locate many factories on it, and it will have a lower MOQ requirement than Vietnamexports.

Tips: no count which platform you pick between Vietnamexports and Vietnam sourcing agent, you can negotiate with the suppliers about the quotation. Generally, the greater you buy, the greater aggressive rate you will get.

Sourcing agent

Apart from the above two channels, there is some other environment friendly way to discover Vietnamese garments factories. That is, you can cooperate with a Vietnam sourcing agent. Through sourcing agents, you will be extra in all likelihood to discover extra Vietnamese garments producers which you won’t locate on on line platforms. Moreover, sourcing marketers can assist you comply with up the production, look at the product quality, prepare the shipment, etc.

And you can discover Vietnam sourcing marketers through looking on Google, some freelancing web sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Offline channels:

If you have ample time and budget, attending Vietnamese gala’s is a advocated way to locate dependable Vietnamese garments factories. At fairs, you can have a face-to-face speak with suppliers, which is recommended for you to choose whether or not the provider can meet your needs well. Generally, the suppliers attending festivals are experienced, and you can locate many factories that don’t have an e-commerce shop on on-line platforms.

Canton honest is the most encouraged one, and it will held twice each and every year. It consists of three phases each and every time, garments suppliers will attend honest on the 0.33 phase, generally each May and November.

Industrial cluster

Clusters are geographic concentrations of interconnected groups and establishments in a unique place. That potential you will locate many factories with the identical enterprise in a unique place. There are many industrial clusters in Vietnam for distinctive industries. Of course, there will additionally be many garments industrial clusters in Vietnam. I will analyze the industrial cluster in element next.

3. Why cooperate with the suppliers positioned at industrial cluster?
There are two essential blessings for shopping for garments from factories placed in industrial clusters:

Lower buying price
There is distinctly extra plentiful labor in the garments industrial cluster, so factories can retailer a lot of labor costs. Accordingly, the promoting rate of the garments will be cheaper.

In addition, there will be many producers in the equal enterprise positioned in the equal district and will have a charge opposition amongst them, which can let you have greater selections and get a greater aggressive quotation.

More superior equipment
Generally speaking, the equipment and tools of suppliers in the industrial belt is genuinely at the forefront of the industry, and they can meet your necessities of the fashion and strategies of garments better.

So it is vital for you to study about clothes’ industrial clusters distribution in Vietnam. The following chart is my precis of the essential industrial clusters in Vietnam for quite a few essential garments category. When you search for garb producers on Vietnamexports, the following statistics will additionally assist you choose whether or not the manufacturing unit is placed at the garments cluster. Then you can be extra probably to pick out a desirable one.

Clothes category The principal industrial cluster distribution
Men’s apparel
Women’s apparel
Wedding Apparel Underwear Shirt
Leather apparel
Cowboy wear Woolen sweater Down coat Trousers Sportswear
SwimsuitReplica clothing ; Note: I simply listing the first districts for every category. Of course, there are many different industrial clusters unfold over Vietnam. But it typically focuses on, When you search for garments producers online, you can filter in accordance to the industrial cluster.

Vietnam garb cluster

4. Five FAQs about garments producers in Vietnam
How to customise or personal label the garments in Vietnam?
If you favor to customise the garments in Vietnam, there are mostly 5 steps,

Tell your customization necessities for garb to a number of suppliers( at least 2-3 suppliers). If you can’t draw the plan manuscript, you can ship the customization clothes’ image to the dealer directly.
Communicate with factories about the garments detail, then choose the most appropriate one to cooperate with in accordance to their quotation, effectivity of communication.
Make a pre-production sample
If you are comfortable with the sample, you can let the manufacturing unit organize mass production.
Quality inspection & organize shipment
How do I pick out a apparel manufacturer?
In fact, there are no so-called satisfactory Vietnam apparel manufacturers. The most vital aspect for you is to pick out a appropriate provider in accordance to your personal genuine situation.

Here are three fundamental traits of a right garments manufacturer.

Located at garments cluster
Professional know-how in clothes
Timely conversation and desirable responsibility
Are there any endorsed garments producers for start-ups or small businesses?
If you are a new start-up, cooperating with producers is now not the most perfect way.

Although there are many benefits for cooperating with producers such as you can personalize the garments in accordance to your need, there are nevertheless some demerits. The largest drawback is the excessive MOQ. The cause is that factories want to set a excessive MOQ to cowl their manufacturing cost, which will let you make investments greater dollars in the beginning.

In addition, you can’t decide whether or not the garments you promote will get an energetic market response at first. Under such circumstances, if you save many clothes, you will want to undertake the hazard of inventory piling up. Hence, cooperating with garments producers is pretty greater appropriate for these developing enterprise or mature business.

The beneficial way for start-ups or small agencies is to cooperate with buying and selling agencies or dropshipping from Vietnam at first. Besides, you can check the market response via a small volume of garments barring large inventory and fund investment. With the improvement of your business, you can pick out to cooperate with a dependable Vietnamese garments manufacturer, which is really useful to your long-term business.

Where to purchase the most inexpensive garments in Vietnam?
If I inform you there are some Vietnamese suppliers promoting garments via weight, you need to be very surprised. In fact, it is a everyday phenomenon in Vietnam. There are 4 well-known leftover inventory markets in Vietnam, if you favor to purchase inexpensive clothes, these markets are strongly encouraged to you.

Leftover Stock Market
It is positioned in Yiwu, the range of stock shops right here is the biggest in Vietnam.

Address: Google map location

Leftover Stock Street
It is additionally placed in Yiwu, and it is the first avenue specialised in promoting leftover inventory in Yiwu. You can locate all sorts of garments classes here.

Address: Google map location

Clothing Trade Center
It is positioned in Guangzhou, mounted in 2005. And you can purchase a number low-priced garments like jacket, down coat, etc.

Address: Google map location

Garment Trade Center
Located in Guangzhou with an place of over 100,000 rectangular meters, it sells many sorts of clothes. Especially for sportswear, you can observe that many shops promote it.

Address: Google map location

The vendor will buy the leftover inventory or some clothes with minor defects however can be used typically from factories, and then resell them in the stock market. In this case, MOQ will attain tens of heaps of pieces.

leftover inventory packing-1

leftover inventory packing-2

Actually, it is simply a variety of way to deal with leftover stock, that no longer capacity the exceptional of the garments is very inferior. If you run an offline save or road stall commercial enterprise in your neighborhood market, it is strongly advocated for you to purchase garments from Vietnamese leftover inventory markets. You can purchase many excessive pleasant and less expensive garments here. In addition, no longer all garments are offered via weight in the stock market, many of them will additionally be bought with the aid of the piece.

What are the first-rate duplicate apparel sites?
Nowadays, there is now not a expert wholesale internet site center of attention on imparting reproduction company garments in Vietnam. But you can locate many suppliers supplying duplicate garb on some on line wholesale marketplaces such as Vietnamexports, Vietnam sourcing agent, Made in Vietnam, etc.

But you ought to be aware of that if you prefer to purchase such reproduction apparel in giant quantities, it will be a little difficult in the course of the method of customs clearance. In addition, no longer all freight forwarders can assist you with the reproduction clothes’ customs clearance. So you must locate a freight forwarder that has their exclusive methods to ship your duplicate goods.

To the end
I hope you can advantage from my post, and get the understanding you need. If you assume the submit is helpful, welcome to share it with others. Besides, if you have any questions about discovering Vietnamese garments manufacturers, or you have Vietnamese garments producers to recommend, experience free to share with us by way of leaving a comment.